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Battle other survivors from around the world and train your own zombie army in Last Empire – War Z, the base-building war game! Defend your empire as the walking dead roam the streets and the apocalypse alliance tries to destroy your empire. Survive the zombie apocalypse in Last Empire - War Z and develop your empire with allied survivors to slaughter zombie troops. Can you be the strongest survivor of them all?

Last Empire - War Z is a zombie apocalypse-themed survivor game. Battle against zombies and other survivors to build your empire and army. Team up with allies from around the world to fight enemies, defend against the walking dead and participate in online events. Gather resources to support your army and grow your empire in Last Empire - War Z!

Last Empire - War Z Features:

End of the World Survivor Games
*Play survivor games with other players online!
*View zombie battles on the world map in real-time and chat with alliance...

Tính năng mới Last Empire – War Z: Strategy

1.0.215 update!
1.Desert permanent building optimization
(1) Reduce the level of Desert Strengthen Ability requirement to some technologies in [Expert City Development]
(2) Changed the number of permanent desert buildings that can be built in the Basic, intermediate and Advanced construction breakthrough to the number of places that can be placed

2.Chat feature Optimization
·In Settings - Options new chat settings, after the switch is turned on, click on the chat box under the main screen will no longer enter the Alliance/state channel, but into the channel list interface

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97.94 MB
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 7.0+ or later.

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