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Blockwatch is the ultimate cryptocurrency mining monitor app. Using Blockwatch you will be able to remotely monitor your mining pool account from 19 of the best pools including Nicehash, Ethermine, Suprnova, MiningPoolHub, CoinMine, Nanopool, Dwarfpool with 67 of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, Siacoin, Monero and many more other altcoins. Full list bellow.

Some of the many great features that Blockwatch has to offer:
- add as many addresses you want
- get detailed information about your mining pool account like what miners are offline and how long ago they stoped working
- monitor your balance, hashrates workers, payouts, shares and estimated earnings with beautiful charts illustrating the information
- next payout
- edit the name of an address after being added
- reorder addresses to suit your needs
- transfer addresses from one device to another
- view pool and network informat...

Tính năng mới Blockwatch - Mining Monitor

New UI and Options for the following Pools:
- Ethermine, EthPool, EtcEthermine, FlyPool, Nanopool, Suprnova, 2Miners, Nicehash, Dwarfpool

New Pools Added:
HashVault: Aeon, Dero, EDollar, Electroneum, Fonero, Graft, Intense, KarboCoin, Leviarcoin, Masari, Monero, Sumokoin, Akroma, Aurora DAO, Dash, Decred, Ellaism, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Expanse, Groestlcoin, LBRY Credits, Musicoin, Peercoin, Ubiq, ZClassic, ZCash

MiningPoolHub with the following coins:, Adzcoin, Auroracoin (Qubit), Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Digibyte (Groestl, Qubit, Skein), Electroneum, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Expanse, Feathercoin, Gamecredits, Geocoin, Groestlcoin, Litecoin, Maxcoin, Monacoin, Monero, Musicoin, Myriadcoin (Groestl, Skein, Yescrypt), Siacoin, Startcoin, Verge (Scrypt), Vertcoin, Zcash, Zclassic, Zcoin, Zencash

New Coins added to 2Miners:
- Calisto
- Yocoin
- Akroma

New coins added to Suprnova:
- Litecoin Cash
- Pigeoncoin
- Wavi
- Bitsend

A lot more minor improvements and bug fixes.

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 10.0+ or later.

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