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Battle kings, fight enemies, conquer kingdoms & build an army with real time PVP strategy in CoK, an epic MMORPG war game.

Conquer kingdoms in the epic war game that pits your army against friends and enemies from all around the world. With 3 new civilizations and a new Popularity ranking feature, Clash of Kings has even more PVP territory to explore and conquer!

Download Clash of Kings and experience the fantasy world of PVP medieval combat.

Top 5 Reasons to Download Clash of Kings:
1. Build a kingdom, upgrade defenses, customise armies and collect resources with RTS
2. Wage war and play PVP against thousands of players in real time MMO battles
3. Navigate the massive fantasy world with tactical MMORPG gameplay
4. Build strategic alliances with other lords and leaders across the CoK world
5. Three new civilizations and the new Popularity feature offer even more PVP gameplay

Join thousands of other clans ...

Tính năng mới Clash of Kings - CoK

New gameplay: Firearms Camps is available!
-You can unlock the building: Firearms Camp at the Torrent Valley when your castle reaches Lv.30.
-Upgrade this building to unlock more types of cannonballs.
-You can use cannonballs to hit other players, even the ones under the protection of a peace shield.
-Different cannonballs have different destructive power. The destruction value of a castle will be increased after being bombed by a cannonball. Castles will enter the Cannonball Resistance State when the destruction value reaches the maximum, and then can no longer be attacked by Cannonballs.
-More gameplay! More strategies! Experience it now! Ver. 3.27.0 and above is required.

-Prayer Hall has Lv.25 enhancement of Supreme Legion, which can significantly strengthen the Supreme Legion. Try it out!
-Added the 4th page to the Book of Discipline in Sage’s Tower, which can greatly reduce the Fine Iron needed for training and healing the Supreme Legion.

Optimization on Alliance Science:
-Added Alliance Supply Donation
-Added Defense Science to R1 series.
-Added Attack Science to R2 series.
-Added Alliance Reinforcement and Alliance Turret Science to R3 series
-Added Alliance Rally Science to R5 series.
-Available to ver. 3.29.0 and above.

Quiz Event
-Open weekly event - Quiz.
-You can go to the Event Center to participate in this event.
-During the event, you will randomly receive a few questions related to the game; you will be sent reward if you can give the right answer.
-Consecutive giving the right answer will gain you extra scores. The more scores you get and the shorter time you spend, the higher ranking you can achieve.
-If you meet any difficulties when answering the quiz, you can use [Assistant Ticket] to get help.
-After completing the quiz on the very day, you can tap the chest below to acquire reward. If you forget to claim, the reward will be sent to you via mail the next day.
-More quizzes are on the way, please stay tuned!
-Lowest supported version: 3.26.0

Increased the chance of dodge to Prestige 5 and above Cavalry.
Increased the accuracy of Prestige 5 and above Pikeman.
Increased the Prestige 5 and above Siege Engine’s damage to Cavalry.
Increased the Prestige 5 and above Archer’s damage to Siege Engine.
Added effects to the Siege Engine’s skill “Power Attack”: Accuracy. Increase the chance to disregard dodge.
Adjusted the Infantry’s skill “Shield Wall”, make the effect fit the description.

-Adjusted the sort rules of Dragons in marching interface.
-The common rally will be the default one when you start a rally.
-Items related to March Size will instantly take effect and show after being used at the marching interface.
-Added notification of bid, fixed stacked buttons issue.
-General Speedups will be counted in the Barter event. Prestige 6 soldiers are now included.
-Rearranged contents in Daily gameplay.
-The abnormal data of the Follower Ranking caused by kingdom transfer has been fixed.
-Updated Decoration Manual.
-The bug would make you unable to march towards non-castle buildings when you under the Troops Prohibition Order effect has been fixed.

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 7.0+ or later.

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