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Battle kings, fight enemies, conquer kingdoms & build an army with real time PVP strategy in CoK, an epic MMORPG war game.

Conquer kingdoms in the epic war game that pits your army against friends and enemies from all around the world. With 3 new civilizations and a new Popularity ranking feature, Clash of Kings has even more PVP territory to explore and conquer!

Download Clash of Kings and experience the fantasy world of PVP medieval combat.

Top 5 Reasons to Download Clash of Kings:
1. Build a kingdom, upgrade defenses, customise armies and collect resources with RTS
2. Wage war and play PVP against thousands of players in real time MMO battles
3. Navigate the massive fantasy world with tactical MMORPG gameplay
4. Build strategic alliances with other lords and leaders across the CoK world
5. Three new civilizations and the new Popularity feature offer even more PVP gameplay

Join thousands of other clans ...

Tính năng mới Clash of Kings - CoK

"Function preview
Alliance Mark:
- R4 and R5 members of an Alliance can add various Alliance Marks and text to any targets after tapping any targets in world map

World BOSS
The brand new World BOSS will be launched
- 1 new-version World BOSS will be refreshed on the world map each 8 hours, and all players whose castle level higher than 10 can attack them.
- After kill the World BOSS, besides collect the kill rewards and ranking rewards, players can also dig Dragon's Bone to obtain Dragon's Treasure
- Players have chance to obtain Dragon Occult, which can promote the Military technology

Event opening
- The Ancient Battlefield and the Strongest Kingdom will be launched to Kingdoms from 2012 to 2030

Adjustment and Optimization:
Slaughter Battlefield
- The monsters in the map will refresh again after certain period of time, player can obtain more points via killing monsters
- Elite monsters, which appear in fixed time in the battlefield, have been added. Player can obtain random City BUFF in short time via killing elite monsters

- The Bank system is adjusted; players' income will be calculated based on the interest rate when players invest financial products

We made following adjustment according to players' suggestion
King's Reinforcement
- Entrance: lower left corner in the main interface
- Function contents: after failed to defend your castle, King Balder ordered the troops to bring you many supplies to compensate your loss

Tower of Exile
- New entrance: a new entrance to the Tower of Exile has been added in Hospital

Travelling Merchant
- Optimized the purchasing animation of the Travelling Merchant

- Reduced the frequency of rolling system message for Auction

Fixed BUG
Fixed the BUG that the healing status in Alliance Hospital won’t be erased after quit Alliance"

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101.77 MB
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 8.0+ or later.

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