Colorful Black

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Mô tả Colorful Black

What are the characteristics of good photos?
Perfect composition, elegant light?
In our daily life, we often take bad pictures for various reasons.

“Remove the color from a photo.
Add false light that simulates lens leaks.
Maybe your photo will have an unexpected effect!”

That's what “Colorful Black” was designed for.

-Camera function: 100 kinds of real-time filters.
-45 types of lens leak filters.
-Each filter has five black tone options.
-The filter is quickly generated and easy to operate.


Tính năng mới Colorful Black

[+] Fixed the bug that individual camera filters cannot edit pictures.
[+] Optimized according to user feedback.

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299.07 MB
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 10.0+ or later.

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