D-MEN:The Defenders

Yi Yang Peng Cheng


Mô tả D-MEN:The Defenders

Game Features
• Hero strategy gameplay: Different types of heroes are waiting for your orders, unlock and use their abilities to defeat the enemies
• Relaxing gameplay: Take back the land occupied by monsters and collect tons of treasure every day
• Abyss Tower: Challenge the threat of the dragon to see if you can defeat it
• Battle of the Gods: Fight for glory and become one of the gods
Epic battles are at your fingertips
Mix and match your strongest alliances in battle, defeat all the invading enemies!
※ This game is free to use, and additional paid services such as virtual currency and items are provided in the game.
※ Please pay attention to the time you play the game to avoid addiction....

Tính năng mới D-MEN:The Defenders

【New Content】
1. Added Abyss Challenge Fund;
2. Added auto upgrading stars function;
3. Added server selection function;
4. Added Exp Gemstone;
5. Added War Song levels and corresponding output;
6. Lifted level cap to 118;
7. Added Chapter 7 of campaign;
8. Added new language- German;
9. Added Time Platform function for VIP 10 and above players;
10. Battle Overlord Package is available for players who participate in the Battle of God’s;
11. Goddess Assist Package is available for players who participate in Triple Goddess Points Race of Temple War. 

【Optimized Content】
1、Optimized rules of Tree of Wisdom and Wishing Tree;
2、Optimized rewards of Valhalla, Wishing Tree and Tree of Wisdom;
3、Optimized shop display;
4、Optimized sort of gemstone;
5、Optimized activiated time of Warrior Manual;
6、The number of promoted players increased to 15 for Triple Goddess Points Race of Temple War;
7、Optimized VIP privilege description
8、Fixed chat and name bug of when using emoji;
9、Fixed bug of Alliance Appointment notice;
10、Fixed card bug after winning on Arena;
11、Fixed dice display bug of Hela’s Abyss;
12、Fixed display bug of Alliance contribution;
13、Fixed equipment title in English;
14、Fixed parts of skill effects display bug;
15、Fixed map display bug;
16、Fixed Avatar display bug.

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138.53 MB
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 8.0+ or later.

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