Mô tả Der Die Was?

Learning german was never easy. Many have trouble - even after tens of years - to correctly identify wether to use "der", "die", or "das" for a word. Even though there are rules all of them have exceptions. Many words don't even have a rule. The only thing that helps is training.

Der Die Das? brings order to the chaos. Using cards organized in decks you will stay on top. There are way more than 300 words included in the app. Future updates will increase this number.

Additional decks of cards can be purchased in-app. The list of additional decks is constantly being extended.

Der Die Das? allows you to manage your own deck. Just tap on the heart on the top right of any card.

Start a training whenever you want. Der Die Das? will learn with you: Cards you haven't trained yet, that you answered wrong, or that you answered only slowly will re-appear before others. This way your trainings will be most effective.

There is also a ...

Tính năng mới Der Die Was?

+ new achievements page
+ dark mode support
+ iOS 14 compatibility
+ stability improvements

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 11.4+ or later.

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