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Hidden Camera Detector app helps you detect hidden spy cameras in hotel rooms, changing rooms and detect CCTV cameras.
whether you are travelling, staying in hotel rooms, Airbnb
or even trying cloths in changing rooms, scan for pinhole wired cameras, wireless cameras as well as infrared cameras with this app.

App has multiple ways to detect hidden camera-

1. Detect wired camera - With this mode, app analyse magnetic activity around suspicious objects and if find magnetic activity similar to camera , it beep with red status so that you can further investigate.

How to use - Move top left corner of your iPhone very close to the suspicious objects. It could be screw, flowerpot, shower head or anything that you find suspicious. If app beeps when brought closer to the object and when moved away, stop beeping , further investigate for camera lens.

2. Detect infrared camera - You can also detect infrared cameras. Just close all li...

Tính năng mới Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Major Version:
This version includes
1. Updated UI
2. Introducing artificial intelligence to detect suspicious devices.
3. Bluetooth camera detection issue is resolved
4. Guide is available for each option within the app
5. Supporting Dark mode

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 11.0+ or later.

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