Lighting Calculations PRO

Ettore Gallina


Mô tả Lighting Calculations PRO

Calculation of total flux
Lighting requirements for interiors
Quantity of luminaires
Lumens to Lux
Lux to Lumens
Lumens to Watts
Watts to Lumens
Lux to Watts
Watts to Lux
Lumens to Candela
Candela to Lumens
Candela to Lux
Lux to Candela
Lux / Foot-Candle
Compare power
Luminous efficacy calculation
Luminance converter
Illuminance converter
Type of lamps
Lamp fittings
Bulb shapes
Table luminous efficacy
Color temperature
Visible spectrum
Kelvin to RGB
RGB/HEX conversion
RGB/CMYK conversion
Fluorescent tubes
Color codes of fluorescent tubes
Power factor correction
Typical led characteristics
Power supply for strip led
Illuminance on the floor
Energy saving lamp
Photobiological safety of led
Specific power
Unit of measurement

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* New: Support to print
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)
* Upd: Portuguese [BR] language (by Valéria)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)

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