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2018 App of the Year from Apple!
So what makes Makaron special?
Instant AI image editing, free and easy to use!

[Instantly autoseparate images]
Makaron's AI system automatically & accurately identifies and highlights people, dogs, cats, cars, backgrounds and other features in your photos in under a second. The image editing tools allow you to customize every detail of your images in seconds.

[Delete & auto-heal]
Makaron's image separation enables you to automatically and seemlessly remove any individual or object in an image. Goodbye strangers and photo-bombers!

[Change background]
Makaron's image editing software allows you to automatically change the background to dozens of scenes while keeping the photo subject. You can also instantly stylize the image, create moving stickers and even add music.

Upload the images, use the "Blend" tool to instantly match your image's subject and backg...

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[Unique Blending]
Have you experienced the following issues while using Makaron?
After separating and changing background you find the image background and subject colors donot match?
The image separatoin tool is missing details?
Light and shade of different people or image subjects do not match the background?
The good news is these problems are already fixable!
Upload the images, use the "Blend" tool to instantly match your image's subject and background.
You can also finetune, adjust image separation outlines, edit tone and exposure as you like to create the perfect image.
Recreate your fantasy into a reality.

To be continued
Makaron Team

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 10.0+ or later.

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