Mô tả Thai for Beginners

For beginning Thai students, or those who want to improve their basic Thai. * Clear recordings of native Thais speaking each of the 3,000 words and phrases. * Examples of the five tones. * Increase size of text. * Show or hide English text. * No data charges once you download the app. * Play a phrase over and over, or autoplay an entire lesson. * Test your knowledge with built-in exercises. * English voice can be turned on or off. * Each item is presented in Thai, transliteration and English. * Detailed HELP section. * Learn Thai from Benjawan Becker and Paiboon Publishing....

Tính năng mới Thai for Beginners

Corrected Thai text being cut off in exercise questions.

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 9.2+ or later.

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