Mô tả The Arcade Rabbit

Explore the dungeon, and get different crazy item builds!

* Randomly-generated dungeon world with new experience every time.
* 200+ items waiting for you to explore.
* 3 different weapon types based on their preferred play-style.
(1) Sword: fast attack speed, can launch special skills during critical attacking;
(2) Great Sword: can cause massive damage, provide players with shielding capabilities;
(3) Staff: larger attack range, can use damage-immune shield;
* 7 unique heroes with unique abilities.

The game inspiration comes from classical rogue-like game The Binding of Isaac. Every time you enter the game, you will experience a random dungeon.We also drew inspiration from Lost Castle, Dead Cells, Rampage Knights, Castle Crashers and Wizard of Legend. Thanks for all these great games.

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Tính năng mới The Arcade Rabbit

1. Weekly Racing.
- Challenge different dungeons each week.
- The speed competition.
- To challenge the extreme.
2. Added 6 new weapons.

1. Card no.42 function modification: When used this card will activate the Active Item for free.
2. Overall score ranking shows optimization.
3. Optimization of network connection prompts.
4. Partial boss skill hit box optimization.
5. Adjust the attack power of some weapons.
6. Scene resource optimization.
7. English localization optimization.

Bug fixed
1. After killing the mechanical Boss, the laser did not disappear.
2. When the player enters the Boss room, the Boss immediately makes a move.

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77.7 MB
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 8.0+ or later.

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