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Make your life a diary of places
Automatically while your iPhone is in your pocket

The travel diary logs the places where you stayed, their location and the duration of your stay. Then it looks for the photos you took there, checks in Wikipedia for interesting information such as castles or churches in the area and the new diary entry in ready. Without even opening the app. And if you feel thirsty or gnawing hunger, it even helps you to get to the nearest café or restaurant.

Over time you will get a nice and informative travel diary. Only for you. Because the information will never leave your phone. At most on your Apple Watch. So you can always check where you've been hanging around since installing the app.

And even better: it also helps you to go back there. Have you ever been on a mountain or in the forest and found a nice place or enjoyed the view? And on the hike next year you can’t remember how to get there?


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Bug fixes ... sorry!
New free version available (see: other apps from this developer)

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17.82 MB
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 13.2+ or later.

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