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Jean Charles Le Huec


Mô tả SagittalMeter Pro

SagittalMeter is an educative app to easily measure sagittal balance parameters, by directly placing your phone on the sagittal X-Rays.

The sagittal balance is an imperative factor to take into consideration for all practitioners treating spine problems and particularly for surgeons during the pre-operative phase. The compensatory mechanisms of a sagittal unbalanced spine may prevent a successful surgery outcome. A fundamental understanding of a correct sagittal alignment is strongly recommended in determining the correct use of fusion or non fusion devices.
SagittalMeter enables you to measure 3 fundamental angles which are essential to analyze sagittal alignment (for pre, per and post-operative phases):
• Pelvic incidence (PI)
• Pelvic tilt (PT)
• Sacral slope (SS)

Values of lumbar lordosis are also important parameters to describe sagittal balance, so with SagittalMeter you can measure both:
• L1-S1 lordosis

Tính năng mới SagittalMeter Pro

- Updated formulae for Lumbar Lordosis and Pelvic Tilt computation
- New protocols: measure Cobb angle, evaluate correction (FBI index), evaluate global balance (ODHA index)
- Updated bibliography

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch.Requires iOS 11.2+ or later.

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